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new generation

athena gym

Historic gym on the island of Capri in 2018 Athena Gym turns into “new Generation” transmitting a different concept of gym

You can train at all ages with qualified and experienced professionals and at the same time have fun in a dynamic and youthful environment, thus becoming one of the best facilities to practice sports on the island.

Athena Gym New Generation you will have everything you need; from our customized clothing products to the personalized advice of the best personal trainers on the island. This work has allowed us to be recognized for our great passion for sports.

Depending on your physical condition, you can start your path with individual sessions together with the personal trainer personal trainer you are followed and corrected step by step, or you can train independently with the help and suggestions of the room assistants or even choose your favorite classes from those on the program.

Making your every single workout comfortable and enjoyable is our mission!